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Bratz Only You lyrics

Artist: Bratz lyrics
Album: Genie Magic
Year: 2006
Title: Only You lyrics

Lyrics to Only You :
Only you can be the one
Even though I know you're gone
Only you can fix my heart
That's broken
I won't pretend

Only you can understand
Everything I really am
The only one to find my smile
Was you

And I...
See your face there when I close my eyes
And time...
Can't erase the way I feel inside
I still remember all we shared
How much I wish you knew
That I... miss you
I miss you

Only you can say the words
So my heart wont have to burn
Only you can stop the tears
From falling
I'm calling

Only you can make it right
I wish that you were by my side
The only one to make me laugh
Was you


I still remember all we shared
How much I wish you knew
That I... miss you (miss you)
I miss you (you know it's true)
It's true
I miss you

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